Love Season a Sex Realistic Gaming World


in this hot game you play in realistic 3d world, where you get to explore a wide map of cities and meet a lot og hot girls, and also be in a sex relationship with them, In a fantasy world that combines medieval and modern elements, you are just a regular not so good farmer, but after a big storm that devastates your peaceful village, can you be the hero it needs? Rebuilding your father’s farm will be harder than you think, specially with all the monsters and thieves walking around now, so grab a sword and… oh, wait, you don’t know how to fight!

Game System Requirements

  • Release Date: 2019-11-08
  • Developer: MuseX
  • Language: English
  • Censored: No
  • Required RAM : 1 GB
  • OS / Sistem Requirements: Windows / Mac / Android
  • Game Size: 1.6 Gb

Game Updates

  • 1 New Brooke Scene (61 CGs)
  • 1 New Elise Scene (35 CGs)
  • 1 New Mia (and Darius) Scene (46 CGs)
  • [Fix] Elise first quest not starting + wrong choices selection
  • [Fix] Error when pressing 1 with no second tool available
  • [Fix] Swimming with Heather scene activating wrong quest (+ new quest)
  • [Fix] Impossible to discard some items
  • [Fix] Alignment indicator rounding up and not showing the real Honor/Corruption level
  • [Fix] HUD remaining invisible after watching the third Elise scene
  • [Fix] Possibility of discarding the Watering Can
  • [Fix] Respawning logs and rocks at goblin’s mountain/forest/goblin’s caves
  • [Fix] “Talk to Redd” objective from “Get yourself a nice girlfriend!” quest not completing
  • [Fix] Infinite Spiked Fruits
  • [Fix] The Blue Flower quest not completing (now it completes after you get back from the forest)
  • [Fix] The Blue Flower’s last “go sleep” objective after talking to Sam not completing
  • [Fix] Goblin not seeing MC near the blue flower in case Trevor kills the slime
  • [Fix] Passability issues in some maps fixed
  • [Fix] Reaching 500G in donations to Heather completing the wrong objective in the “Get yourself a nice girlfriend!” quest
  • [Fix] Game continuing in Story Mode after getting back from the Goblin’s Mountain
  • [Fix] Getting stuck in stealth mode when sneaking upstairs in Amanda’s house
  • [Fix] Day not advancing in some occasions after the lake party
  • [Fix] Possible to talk to Redd before talking to Roxie/Elder/Mia for the Blue Flower quest
  • Blackberry Pie quest doesn’t require watching Mia scene with Redd anymore to get the full version (only high honor)
  • Nina scene at the orchard can now only start after the PUB party
  • Dashing isn’t affected anymore by having no energy
  • Made the 3 chickens you can find in the village visible instead of completely hidden
  • Time now stops inside buildings
  • Spiked Fruits are now easier to find
  • Hide Message Window key changed from H to A. It now hides the Name Window as well
  • Darius appearance changed (still not updated in previous scenes)
  • Daily Talk points added to Marcus
  • [New] Item Rotation added (press ‘0’ to rotate the item you’re holding)
  • 3 New maps added
  • [New] New Fishing System
  • [New] Weather System:
  • Sun [Nothing changes]
  • Rain [Water all your crops automatically]
  • Storm [Water all your crops automatically but have high chances of also destroying them]
  • Wind [Tilled soil around fully grown crops get automatically seeded with the nearest crop seeds]

Love Season Game Screenshots

Love Season Gameplay Video

Love Season Game Download

Multiple servers to download from, please report a dead server so we can update it
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