Slaves of Amir 3D Sex Slave

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In this fantasy world, you are playing Amir – a slave trainer and merchant who has lost most of his money. Your last chance to save yourself is “Julia” – a beautiful slave you have spent your last dime to purchase. You depend on her, but she will need a lot of harsh training on her way of becoming a proper sex slave which you can sell or offer her services. You can be nice at times (or not), but at the end of the day.. you know that slaves need discipline and total abidance. Lucky for you.. you know just what to do.

Game System Requirements

  • Developer/Publisher: Slaves of Love
  • Censorship: No
  • Version: Demo
  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Language: English
  • Genre: BDSM, Slave Training Simulator, Erotic Adventure

Game Screenshots

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Download This Game For Windows Platform :

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