Princess Eris Of Hell Is An Erotic Pregnant Wife

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Souta is a pervert, there are three girls living next-door and he knows every tiny detail about them. His parents are abroad for business, so he is taking care of them for now. On Arisa’s birthday, they tell him that they are daughters of the Devil. Souta isn’t surprised to hear that. They are relieved and tell him why they live in this world. Their purpose is to find a partner and prevent their race’s extinction. They suddenly tell him to choose a partner among them.

Game Systeem Requirements

  • Title: Amaane Makai Princess Eris wa Eroicha Haramizuma! ~Suki na Dake Dashite Zenbu Shikyuu de Nonde Ageru~
  • Original Title: あまあね魔界プリンセス・エリスはエロイチャ孕み妻!~好きなだけ出して♪全部子宮で飲んであげる~
  • VNDB: Princess Eris
  • Length: Short (2-10 hours)
  • Year: 27-02-2009
  • Developer: Norn
  • Publishers: Norn & Hime-chan Company; Dark Translatons
  • Language: English
  • Voice: Japanese
  • Censored: Yes

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