Hypno Training My Mother And Sister Game

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Minoru sat on his couch at home, his mother and sister at his feet, licking his dick… His mother Chikako sucked the tip while his sister Saki clumsily licked the shaft as if completely inexperienced…

There they were, Minoru’s mother and sister, servicing him, against their will.

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Even Saki, who loathed her older brother, who resisted with all her heart, couldn’t stop her body from obeying her brother’s orders after he had cast his hypnosis on her.

Minoru couldn’t hide his surprise and excitement at the effect of his hypnotism, as he hadn’t really thought his orders would be carried out so faithfully.

His mother and sister even started playing with their own pussies, obeying Minoru’s order to masturbate. And Minoru’s orders bound them tighter, their hearts swaying with pleasure.

Game System Requirements

  • Thread Updated: 2016-09-29
  • Release Date: Japanese 2011-02-18, English 2014-06-20
  • Original Title: 母妹催淫恥育 ~こんな俺に疼いて悶えろ!
  • Aliases: Oyako Saiin Chiiku ~ Konna Ore ni Uzuite Modaero!
  • Developer: Ame no Murakumo Website
  • Publisher: MangaGamer Website
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
  • Version: Final
  • OS: Windows
  • Language: English
  • Voices: Japanese
  • Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)

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