Prostitute BFRPG Anime Sex Game

Meet the highwayman in the city on my way home I stopped by Oak subjugation, the knights of the kingdom Maia stolen possessions all!
Maia also lost all the money you have to get out of the permit from the city to end up forced to sell the body …!
The men of the city was studded Kyoku-sha not even pay good money if not satisfy me but …!
Once squid is in reverse! Try get the money before it is let squid squid …!?
Can you! Maia all five safely escape the city, ending the kingdom return to …?

Game System Requirements

  • Updated: 28/Jun/2012
  • Developer/Publisher: bo-fu-bo-fu-mat
  • Censorship: Yes
  • Version: 1.00
  • OS: Windows/PC
  • Language: English

Game Screenshots

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