Servus Kingdom [v0.4] Nami Sex Game

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Inspired by games such as the original Slave Maker and Sim Brothel, Servus Kingdom sees you take on the role of an up and coming to Slaver working for the Guild. It is your duty to train slaves to the best of your abilities and make a name for yourself.​

The game now goes by the name ‘Servus Kingdom’. Before you ask, Servus is latin for slave; so it translates into ‘Slave Kingdom’​

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Game System Requirements

  • Updated: 1 April 2018
  • Developer / Publisher: Sinners QuillBlogDiscord
  • Censorship: No
  • Version: MV 0.4 Tifa
  • Platform: Windows
  • Language: English

Game Screenshots

Game Download Links

WIN ONLY: MegaUPVoidfilesuploadWorkupload

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