The Holy Grail Of Alharahn Sex Game


When the Holy Grail of Alharahn is stolen by the Youma (demons), Lilua is sent to the island of Kourfet on a mission to search for and recover it. But on the way, the Youma attack the ship. Lilua loses all her equipment and washes up on the shore of the island, and what’s more, she’s been cursed by a succubus. Not only is she back to Lv1, if she doesn’t take in semen she’ll be overwhelmed with sexual desire.

Game System Requirements

  • Updated: Mar/09/2017
  • Developer/Publisher: Waterspoon
  • Censorship: Yes
  • Version: 1.12
  • OS: Windows/PC
  • Language: English (Translated)
  • Genre: Fantasy, Tentacles, Rape, Monster, Defeat Sex, Character Customization, Animated Sex Scenes, Prostitution, Corruption
  • Ram : 1GB

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