Witch Trainer Silver Anime Sex Game

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Silver is a complete rework of Akabur’s Game, Witch Trainer. It’s essentially a modpack of a few different mods and some new content. It adds some new scenes, a map, scene changes, potions, custom outfits and evolving outfits. At the moment it is in a incomplete state with new content and bug fixes being added periodically.?


Update 1.36 is finally here! And it’s our biggest yet!
Cho has been completely redone, with an all new story-line, interactive training & tutoring sections, a new wardrobe that has more customization options than any other girl in game, and of course new favours for her!
On top of that, Luna has received new CG scenes, a new intro branch that lets you skip past her Slytherin path at the beginning, to get to the new content quicker, and her favours are now also repeatable!
In addition, a new Cardgame update with 3 wagers (once you’ve beaten the first challengers) has been added, as well as new QoL features, user interfaces, an achievement system, and much much more!

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Game System Requirements

Release Date: 2019-05.24
Developer: Silver Studio Games – Akabur
Language: English
Censored: No
Required Ram to play : 1 GB
Game Full Size:
OS / System Requirements: Windows / Mac / Android

Game Screenshots

Witch Trainer Silver Gameplay Video

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Witch Trainer Silver Download

Multiple servers to download from, please report a dead server so we can update it

Download  This Game For Windows :


Download  This Game For Mac :


Download  This Game For Android :


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