Customize everything. Start with tits, pussy, cock, hair, voice and even makeup. Then with control sliders, you can change age, race, gender, body, make-up and even voice! Building your dream sex girl has never been easier. DreamSexWorld is so advanced that you can even add and remove piercings and tattoos to make the perfect model. The avatars can be fine-tuned in so many ways that you will never run out of ways to fuck in the game. Have the hottest girl in mind? Create what you want and then live out your sexual fantasies to the fullest.


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Control one two or multiple characters in the game as you imagine life-like sex from every position imaginable. You are the director of the by stopping and starting the action when you want it. Lifelike sex action is controlled from your PC’s keyboard and mouse allowing you to have sex in any way you want. If you want to go faster or slower or harder then softer. Your movements on the mouse control the action of what happens in the game. No one ever gets tired and everyone character in DreamSexWorld is always horny and ready to fulfill your ultimate desires with the click of a mouse.

Playable On : Windows / Mac / iPhone / Android

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