How To Download Games

How To Download Games ?

All Games Downloads Are available in 3 fast server, which means you only need to create one account on the server, to be able to Download Any game listed Here.

Do i Need A Separated Account To Download From Each Server ?

No, you only need one account to download any file hosted on those 3 Servers

  • Keep 2 Share
  • File Boom
  • Publish 2 me

How Fast Are Those servers ?

the server are very fast, and maximum download speed is 100 Mb/s Premium Accounts , and 150 Mb/s for Premium Pro Accounts

What is The Difference Between Premium And Premium Pro Accounts ?

using a premium account you can download up to 20 GB weight of files Per a Day at a speed of 100 Mb/s
using a premium pro account you can download up to 50 GB weight of files Per a Day at a speed of 150 Mb/s

Why Android Games Are Not Hosted On Google Play ?

google does not allow Adult/Nude games and applications to be hosted on their servers, therefor a game that contains adult materials has to be hosted on an external server.
you can download and install your preferred game in fast an smooth way, just like if you were using google play.