Virtual Lust 3D


in virtual lust 3d you start with your basic girl and then customize everything about her. Start with what she’s wearing on top of that amazing body and make her wear exactly what you want. Choose from multiple combinations and customize those sexy shoes. Then make her age, race, body and event make-up perfect. Virtual Lust 3D is so advanced that you can change piercings, tattoos and even voice control. You will never run out of ways to fuck in the game. Make your true fantasies come true through limitless customization.
Offering true interactivity, Virtual Lust 3D is the next level of adult entertainment. Not only can you watch the action but you can now get involved and control what is happening right in front of you. Do you ever wish you could just pause a great scene that your watching, take control and do it even better? Well now you can do it all while experiencing the stunning rendering and game detail, almost like it was right there in front of you.


Virtual Lust 3D Gameplay

Explore the highest resolution avatar graphics that use 4K high definition animations of the best sex positions possible. This puts you right in the action at the closest level so you can see every detail. Check out that perfect ass or those amazing titties for as long as you want by stopping and starting the action when you feel like it. Watch her undress, look into your eyes and feel your body getting hotter and hotter with each action in the game. Graphics have never been so life-like giving you the best possible sex experience possible on a PC so why not try it out for the first time!
Playable On : Windows / Mac / iPhone / Android
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